Sunday, June 26, 2011

Extra #4: How to Use the Archives

Today’s posting is extra—not my usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday story. It’s full of “how-to” instructions. Some of you will know all of this—and much more!—but a few friends and blog visitors are unsure of this new process called “blogging.” So here’s my attempt to answer your questions. I’ve received inquires about four aspects of the blog: 1) How to add a comment; 2) How to get notification when I post a new story; 3) How to “bookmark” my blog address for easy access; 4) How to use the archives on the blog site itself. I addressed the first three concerns in three extra postings this past Friday. This final extra posting explains how to use the archives. 

  • Look at the right-hand column of the blog. Note that the Archives appear beneath the “About Me” section.
  • The Archives sort my postings two ways: by the sequence in which I posted them and by the category I’ve indicated at the end of each posting.
  • If you haven’t accessed the blog in several days or weeks, you can discover the order in which I’ve posted new stories by going to the sequence Archive. There you will see folders for the months I’ve been posting. Click on the folder for the month we are in. In that folder will be a sequential list of my most recent stories. The ones posted early in the month are named at the bottom of the list. The most recent will be at the top of the list.
  • The second Archive sorts by category. This is helpful if you find yourself most interested in certain stories. For example: those about cats or the convent or my family. To see if there are any new postings for a category in which you have some interest, simply click on that category and you’ll see all my stories about that topic.
I hope this helps.


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