Sunday, June 28, 2020

All Is Well—Exceedingly Well

Hello again after a nearly seven-week hiatus to rest my eyes from focusing on the computer, television, and iPad e-book reading. In my April 30 and May 13 postings, I described my vision issues and the regimen I’d been given to follow by the glaucoma clinic. 

Now, I’ve seen Dr. Ann, the specialist, for an eye examine, field-of-vision test, and the entire glaucoma testing she always does: looking at the optic nerves, measuring the pressure, and determining if the retina inflammation has returned or if the drops are keeping it in check. 

She was pleased, as was I (inordinately—both of us!) that the past three months of following a rather restrictive focusing regimen had resulted in my vision possibly becoming “stable” after nearly five years of stent procedures; several medications; frequent appointments; and my being diligent, perhaps obdurate, about the regularity of drops. 

Here’s the reason for my inflexibility: As I’ve shared with you before, I put glaucoma drops into my left eye 3x a day and into my right eye 1x a day. Also, I use a lubricant 6x a day in both eyes. Finally, I use an anti-inflammatory drop 2x a day in my left eye to keep the retina from tearing.

With my new regimen, I now use the lubricants more—whenever I’ve focused for 20-30 minutes at the computer, iPad, or television. (I described this regimen in my April 30 posting.)

I have a mini-Goggle device on which, each day, depending on when I get up, I set alarms for my regimen. Friends have become used to hearing the alarm as we speak on the phone. They know what my next words will be: “So sorry, but I’ve got to go and do drops!” It takes about 5 minutes each time, that includes keeping my eyes closed for 3 minutes after the drops are in my eyes. (I use the mini-Goggle again!).

That’s what I mean about being somewhat rigid. I feel as if I have a covenant with both Doctor Ann and my eyes. They have served me so well all these years. Now, I care for them. So, after Doctor Ann does her part, I do mine. That is, I am absolutely conscientious about those drops.

So that’s the scoop. Now I can return to blogging on a regular basis and to writing. I can watch television for ½ hour at a time. If the program continues, I simply close my eyes and listen. Mostly, I listen/watch only the news on the local channels and PBS. The rest of the time, I watch something on BritBox. With that, I can pause the drama or mystery and do the drops + 20 minutes of closed eyes and then return to the television and see another thirty minutes of the BritBox program. So all is well.

In my next posting, I hope to share with you the non-fiction audio books I’ve so enjoyed listening to for the past three months. I’ve rediscovered my great delight in learning.

I hope you are well and that COVID-19 has not endangered your lives or the lives of your loved ones. All across the globe, families are grieving. Here, on this part of the globe, we must do our part: wear masks, keep some distance when we’re with others, wash our hands. AND, we must remember that we are One; that what one person does touches the lives of so many others. This is the essence of my belief in the Holy Oneness of All Creation. 


Photo of ophthalmologist and patient from Wikipedia.