Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra #2: How to Sign Up for Notification

Today’s second posting is extra—not my usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday story. It’s full of “how-to” instructions. Some of you will know all of this—and much more!—but a few friends and blog visitors are unsure of this new process called “blogging.” So here’s my attempt to answer your questions. I’ve received inquires about four aspects of the blog: 1) How to add a comment; 2) How to get notification when I post a new story; 3) How to “bookmark” my blog address for easy access; 4) How to use the archives on the blog site itself. I hope to address these concerns in four extra postings. 
           This posting explains how to sign up for notification. I admit, up front, that I’m not exactly sure about what I’m going to explain. Why? Because I haven’t signed up to have my blog sent to me each time I post something new. Perhaps some of you have. If so and if I give inaccurate information here, please let me know.
How to Get Notification of a New Posting on Dee’s Blog
·      Click on the red word comments below the story. When you do, you’ll see any posted comments. You will also see, at the end of the comments, the words Post a Comment and a white box.
·      Beneath the white box and to the right are the words, in red, Subscribe by E-mail.
·      I think, but admittedly I’m not certain, that if you click on that, you will get a notification by e-mail each time I post something on my blog.
·      If I’m wrong about this, please let me know.


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