Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra #1: How to Comment

Today’s posting is extra—not my usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday story.

            It’s full of “how-to” instructions.
            Some of you will know all of this—and much more!—but a few friends and blog visitors are unsure of this new process called “blogging.” So here’s my attempt to answer your questions.
            I’ve received inquires about four aspects of the blog:
·      How to add a comment.
·      How to get notification when I post a new story.
·      How to “bookmark” my blog address for easy access.
·      How to use the archives on the blog site itself.
I hope to address these concerns in four extra postings. This first extra post will explain how to comment on a posted story.
How to Comment on a Blog Story:
·      Should you read a posting and want to comment on it, click on the red word comments below the story. You will see a number in front of the word: 0, 1, 2, whatever. That tells you that there are no other comments or that there are one or two or whatever the number is. When you click on comments, you will see any that have been posted and you can read them to see what other readers have said.
·      You will also see, at the end of the comments, the words Post a Comment and a white box.
·      Put your cursor in that white box and type your comment.
·      At the end of your comment, you may want to add your first name, but this isn’t necessary. Do that only if you choose. I suggest you be prudent and not type your full name there.
·      Beneath the white box is a menu. On it are the identifying words that can appear on the blog at the top of your comment: It can be your first name or your own URL or the word Anonymous or whatever you choose to appear at the top of your blog. Click on your choice.
·      Also beneath the white box is the word Preview. If you click on that you can see what your post will look like. You needn’t do this, but you may want to. (I noticed that when I put a meant-to-be-helpful comment on my own blog—under “A Daily Decision”—I didn’t preview it and left an error in word choice.)
·      If you are happy with your comment, click Post, which appears below the comment and to the left.

Here’s what happens then:
·      Your comment is e-mailed to me.
·      I do not get your e-mail address. Be assured that no one will learn your e-mail address from your posting a comment.
·      I get to read your comment and approve it. does this so that nothing untoward gets published.
·      Once I’ve approved the comment, it is posted on the blog and you and others can read it by clicking on comments beneath the story.

I hope this helps any of you who have been wanting to post a comment. As I indicated above, you need not worry about privacy issues or receiving “spam” because you posted a comment.
            I’ll add three more extra postings to the blog today that will address the three other inquiries.



  1. I was always the NAUGHTY one. Don't know why --just was. How I wanted to be nice!