Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra #3: How to Bookmark the Blog

Today’s second posting is extra—not my usual Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday story. It’s full of “how-to” instructions. Some of you will know all of this—and much more!—but a few friends and blog visitors are unsure of this new process called “blogging.” So here’s my attempt to answer your questions. I’ve received inquires about four aspects of the blog: 1) How to add a comment; 2) How to get notification when I post a new story; 3) How to “bookmark” my blog address for easy access; 4) How to use the archives on the blog site itself. I hope to address these concerns in four extra postings. The teacher in me makes me do this!!!!
           This posting explains how to bookmark a blog. One fact: I use Safari and that is the only web browser I know. So what I’ll say in this posting will be about Safari. However, I trust that whatever browser you use will be similar. At least that is my hope.            
            You may enjoy my blogging and simply type the blog address on your browser ribbon each time you want to read one of the stories. However, there is an easier way than trying to remember that address each day.
How to Bookmark a Blog Address
1.              Go to your web browser, Safari or whatever.
2.              Type in my blog address in the white ribbon where you normally type some site you want to visit:
3.              Click on the address in the white ribbon. Your web browser will open and you will see the blog.
4.              Now go to the horizontal menu at the top of your screen. You will see the words: Safari, File, Edit, History, Bookmarks, Window, Help.
5.              Click on the word "Bookmarks."
6.              A menu will come up. Note that the second item on the menu is "Add Bookmark."
7.              Click on that.
8.              A small window will come up with the name of my blog in it.
9.              Note that the name is long and takes up a lot of space on your bookmark ribbon.
10.           So here’s what I’m suggesting: Highlight my blog name. Then delete it and you will have left an empty space that awaits the new, shorter name you want to use for this blog.
11.           Type the words "Dee’s Blog" in that empty space.
12.           Look below where you've typed that. There will be the words "Bookmark Bar."
13.           Click on those words. 
14.           That clicking will add "Dee's Blog" to your bookmark bar. (It is the white horizontal bar that runs across your Safari web page. It is about an inch down from the top of the page.)
15.           You probably have other bookmarks there—like The New York Times and Goggle and Amazon or whatever.
16.           Look at your bookmark bar. You will—if the above instructions are clear—see the words "Dee's Blog" on that bar.
17.           Now, whenever you want to see the blog, you simply go to your web browser and click on "Dee’s Blog" in your Bookmark Bar. The click will open the blog site. I know that most if not all of you have been doing this all along. That is, when you find a web site you like, you add it to your bar because that makes going to the site so easy. Please be patient with my compulsive/obsessive teacher behavior! That is, when you find a web site you like, you add it to your bar because that makes going to the site so easy. Please be patient with my compulsive/obsessive teacher behavior!
        I hope this helps anyone to whom blogging is new. The initial bookmarking process I’ve detailed may seem long and tedious to you, but being able to do this really helps you get to—easily—the web sites that are your favorites.
            And I hope my blog will be one of your favorites!!!!!

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