Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dating Advice

Last night I remembered another family story Mom told me. She told this one when I was old enough to date. “Dolores,” she said, “I don’t want you dating anyone who drives a motorcycle. I don’t want you riding on the back of one.”
            “Why, Mom?”
            “Because I dated someone before I met your dad and I rode on the back of his motorcycle. We went round a busy corner too fast and the motorcycle tipped to the side. I scrapped my leg something fierce. That’s why.”
            It made sense to me. And I didn’t know anyone with a motorcycle anyway.

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  1. I like this story because it sounds like something my mother would say. :) I have rode on a motorcycle and I have to say it is pretty nice. You have to have full trust in the person you are riding with of course.

  2. My parents said the same thing. So, when my cousin got a motorcycle, we met at the end of our dead end street so I could ride with him. I loved it! Later, I owned two motorcycles, and rode for many years, either my own, or with a previous husband. Now, I'm older and more cautious, and I haven't been on a motorcycle in 30 years. But, I'd give my daughters the same advice, probably! Even though they both would just sneak anyway, if given a chance.

  3. My mom told me the same thing. I have ridden on a motorcycle 3 times. I want one so bad however Phil is terrified I will kill myself as I am to clumsy.. So I stare at them with soulful eyes when we pass one and he always sighs and pats my head like a puppy and says lovingly
    "woman don't even think about it." when I get to heaven I'm riding a motorcycle..