Monday, May 23, 2022

 Hello All,

As I indicated in the postscript of my most recent posting, I am experiencing difficulties with Google and blogging. 

I tried to visit many of your blogs this past week, but I was unable to leave comments. 

Also, I cannot respond to comments you've left on my blog.

Today, while visiting DJan's nature/hiking blog, I tried to leave a comment (her hiking days always inspires me!) but, once again, was unable to do so.

However, a notification did come up that I'm sure will help me solve these two problems . . . if only I could understand what is being asked of me in the notification! 

As I've written before, I'm totally inept with computer technology.

BUT . . . my niece Linda, who holds down two jobs and so is busy, is a whiz-bang with computers. So, when she's here again (probably bringing me grocery ingredients for the fried rice I'm craving and want to prepare), I'm sure she'll figure all this out.

Until then,  I'm lying low, trying to write a new memoir. I've put aside the other two that I explored in the past two years. They simply refuse to be shaped into a story.

I'm excited about my new idea as it represents the attitude that I bring to life in this ninth decade of my span of years.

Moreover, I've discovered how to sit on the screened-in porch in this lovely springtime and use the talk-to-text aspect of my iPad (the "note" app). Then, I e-mail what I've spoken/written to this computer. 

Thus, I now have a combination of leisure and work--a combination that gives me great pleasure as I can look at nature while telling a story. 

Also, of course, this is good for my vision as when I'm "talking the story aloud," I'm not focusing on the screen. So this new method is truly a winner!

As soon as Linda comes and figures out how I can leave comments on your postings and respond to comments on mine, I'll be back to enjoying what you all write about as you share your lives. 

Take care. Please be gracious to yourselves and know that you all have become so dear to me.



  1. "... if only I could understand what is being asked of me in the notification!" This made me laugh, Dee... and think of myself. Many times when I was taking Chemistry in college, I felt this way. I studied and thought I had all the answers... if only I could understand the question. I hope Linda can figure it out for you.

  2. Dear Dee, I am sorry that blogger's 'improvements' are making life difficult for you. And very glad that it sounds as if you are making delicious lemonade from the lemons that life has given you.
    I do hope that Linda can assist you, but in the meantime I am holding you firmly in my heart. Good luck with your writing.

  3. Thank you for the explanation, and I sincerely hope it will all become available to you (and us) once your niece gets it figured out. Sending you lots and lots of love and virtual hugs. :-)

  4. I am so happy you have found a new way to record your writing. As for blogger, I do not understand it at all. Good luck to you.

  5. How wonderful to have someone tech savvy in your family to help you out. Hope she can find the answer for you.
    Talk to text sounds like a winner and glad you have it available to you. Take care and be well.

  6. like you i too am not much into computer thing dear Dee , most of bloggers are facing with this comment issue ,how nice you have niece to solve this problem for you .
    i am relieved to hear that you are enjoying your new way to look at things my friend specially you are learning to have fun with free time and nature .
    wishing you health ,peace and happiness in days ahead!

  7. I hope your niece can figure out the problem with posting comments on your blog and others and then explains it to your readers because, as was written up above, many of us on Bloggers are having the same issue. I have found that if I moderate a comment to go public then sign out and sign back in I can comment of my own blog which is crazy but I'm limping along that way until a real solution comes along. To comment on other people's blogs I have to leave Firefox and go to Brave in order to do it. Show this to your niece because it might give her a clue to what is going on and how we can all fix it.

  8. I miss your comments and I hope your niece comes along soon and is able to solve the mystery. Your porch sounds lovely in this early summer weather. Ours is only comfortable in the early morning and after dark. Summer comes in hot and fast in South Carolina!

  9. I've been thinking of trying the voice method you described. Glad to hear you find it positive. Look forward to your being able to respond to comments here and on our blogs.