Sunday, September 23, 2018

No Porch Photo Today

No photographs today of the screened-in porch. Once again, I’m stymied by technology. In your comments last week, several of you suggested how I might get the photographs from my cell phone to my computer. The process was to begin with my sending a cell-phone e-mail to myself that would include a photo. First, of course, I had to learn how to send an e-mail from my cell phone. Today’s posting explains the problem with that.

I feel like a waterfall plunging into the great lake of technology.

To begin:

I’ve had a cell phone since last Christmas. A friend gave it to me so that I could text her and her children and thus keep in daily touch. In February, my eldest niece taught me how to text. Yes . . . it took me two months to believe that using a cell phone wasn’t beyond my capabilities.

One April day, Sarah—who’s sixteen—sent me a photograph in her text. I could hardly make out what it was showing me. When I texted my problem to her, she taught me, via texting, how to enlarge the photo so that I could see it more easily. That was a step in the right direction.

Thus, by April, which was some three months after receiving this wonderful—but challenging for me—gift, I could send and receive a text and enlarge a photo sent to me within a text. (I’ve so enjoyed texting and receiving photographs from family and friends.)

In August, once the screened-in porch was complete, Sarah—my sixteen-year-old friend and teacher—asked me to text her a photograph of the porch. Panic! She then, once again via a text, taught me two things: where to look on the phone to take a photo and how to send it in the text. It’s a tribute to her teaching ability that I did both successfully. So a couple of more steps in the right direction.

We are now in late September. Last week’s comments suggested I e-mail the phone photographs to myself. Given that suggestion, I knew I had to learn how to e-mail from the phone. Yesterday I worked at that. It took me a half-hour of deliberation and trial and error to activate the e-mail function of the phone.

Finally, I set it up. Five e-mails from friends appeared. I tried to open them on the cell phone and couldn’t. I gave up on that and tried to figure out how to send myself an e-mail. Another half-hour passed. Finally, I sent one and then came to my computer to see if it showed up; it did. So another step forward.

Now here’s the latest glitch: I can’t find on the cell-phone mail application an icon that takes me to photographs. Nor do I see how to attach them to the e-mail I want to send. This morning, I sent a text to my niece and asked if she could come over some time in the near future and teach me how to use the e-mail function of the phone and how to attach a photo.

I’m hoping that next week, I’ll have taken the next step or two in this process of entering the 21st century of cell-phone technology. I so hope that next week you’ll see a porch photo here.

Have a good week. Please know that I am grateful for your friendship. Your comments enlighten my day and shore up my spirits when they flag.



  1. May Sarah be able to assist you with sending pics to your computer!

  2. Been there, done all that to learn to use my cell phone. I've had really good luck asking google how to do certain things on the model cell phone I own. They are a little different but generally you have to open up the photo you want to email, then look for the 'share' icon to find the email choice. Love how all this tech stuff is helping to keep our brains working!

  3. I feel your pain. :) I hate cellphones! Except when I need directions or want to take a picture. Usually I hand to my kids and ask them to do it.

  4. So glad you got your porch... may not be the one you dreamed about... but it's one you can enjoy without worries. As for sending pics by phone to your computer, I'm not sure what kind of phone you have (I have iPhone). I do this by sending myself the pic in an email and then when the pic comes on my computer in the email, I simply use the "save to" part to put it in pictures on my computer. Once it's on your photos on the computer, you can pick it up and send it anywhere. There may be a simpler way, but this has always worked for me. Can't wait to see your porch pic!

  5. Different phone 'brands' do things a little differently. I hope your knowledgeable niece can solve this dilemma for you. Hugs.

  6. I know how to read and send emails from my phone, I just don't do it I prefer to us the computer. To get photos off my phone I add them to my dropbox and then go to dropbox on my computer, dropbox is the name of the storage app I use. Learning to do new things can seem so hard the older we get

  7. That's exactly how I learned, too. Rely on your niece; too many cooks spoil the broth, you know. Right not I am struggling with downloading books. Not the old way; the windows 10 way. Grrrr....

  8. I know you will discover it one of these days, so I do hope you don't get too stressed out about being a techie neophyte. Some people get it so much easier than others, but it can be very trying. Sending you some peaceful thoughts. :-)

  9. This technology stuff is good for our older brains and keep us young! My mom is 91 and a couple months ago she decided she wanted an iPhone after texting on a flip phone for several years. It's been quite an adventure as she lives in Florida and we live in SC so trying to help her to use it is by phone. Anyway, I hope you get the photo thing figured out (and I know you will!) because I'm anxious to see your porch.

  10. TO ALL OF YOU LEAVING COMMENTS: Thanks so much for your suggestions and your sharing of your adventures with cell phones. I just want to tell you that this afternoon--Sunday afternoon--after reading the comments from Jean R and from Rian, I decided to try to do this on my own. And "by gum," as we used to say, I was able to do it! I was able to go to the photos, pick one, edit it, and then send it in an e-mail to myself. I did that for four photos that I will put in a posting next Sunday.

    It's so wonderful to have a community of helpers! Thank you and have a great and wondrous week. Peace.

  11. Good for you, Dee. I see that, "by gum, you did it"! It gets easier each time you do it, so, I will wish you well and look forward to seeing some photos soon. Happy Autumn. Penny

  12. That is terrific, Dee. Once you learn it, it seems easy. But, oh, getting there is a bugger.

  13. I know for one, I will just keep coming back to visit and watch for photos! Have a great day!

  14. Great, Dee! I can relate to being a technology-newbie. As another person commented, it does help our minds to learn new things (and then, for me, at least, I have to deal with my negative reactions and impatience! but that's good for me, too). Take care this week, and we'll enjoy your pictures when you can show them.

  15. I assume you don't write your blog on your phone!!

  16. Isn't it great when you figure out how to navigate these "smart" gadgets? One reason I still don't have a smart phone. Computers aggravate me enough.

  17. You are waaaaay ahead of me. I don't even have a cell phone of any kind. LOL
    I have a digital camera that I take photos with, plug it into my computer and it downloads all the photos to My Pictures.

  18. Dearest Dee i am sorry that you are having problem with photo uploading

    since my pc is not working properly repairer advised us to take off all your data including photos as you computer can die any time so we have loaded all more than 2000 pics and other data in U S b which are external devices to keep all such stuff

    since then i send photos to my blogger post through my smart cell phone

    my phone is always connected with net so i open blogger on google

    click on the NEW POST

    when it is appeared i click on image which you can find on upper bar of place where you write post

    when you will click on IMAGE

    the new box will open with words CHOSE FILE
    you will click on CHOOSE FILE

    then below few options will appear and you have to open one on right side

    it will lead you to your phone gallery
    search image in gallery

    and when you find the image ,click on OPEN written above in the right corner
    image goes straight to the blogger
    where it take few seconds to load

    then when it appears perfectly i click on add select below on left

    i hope i can convey what i wanted my friend

    this water fall image is really beautiful and yes we all are jumping in the oceans of endless technology

  19. I hope you will learn how to do it. I do it all the time, but would have to talk to you to go over it with you. Main thing is that it's wonderful that you have your porch, that your kitties have their porch.

  20. How marvellous that you are learning these things