Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Change in Plans

(Continuation from Tuesday of postings on random acts of kindness . . . )

Hello All, 
Today I had planned to write about the kindness and hospitality of the nuns at Mount Saint Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas, during my recent stay there for the sesquicentennial.
            However, that will have to wait until tomorrow because one of those Meniere’s headaches had settled in my brain and I need to lie low today. A friend was in a pickle this morning and I was glad to be able to listen and help her clarify her thoughts, but now I need to simply rest.

Matthew, one of the three cats with whom I live, lying on our bed.

            So tomorrow’s posting will be about the nuns at the Mount; Friday’s will be on Marge Tansley, whose kindness changed my life during our freshmen year of college; and Saturday’s will be about Sister Madonna and her graciousness toward me when I left the convent. Then no more posting until next Wednesday when I’ll return to my regular routine.
            Also, I haven’t responded yet to any of the comments that some of you wrote for Tuesday’s posting. I’ll get that done when the headache decides to lift itself and fade away.
                                                ( . . . to be continued tomorrow—Thursday.)


    1. I hope the headache is gone soon. I wish my Hurricane could rub your temples. She has a healing touch.


    2. Yes, sometimes we need to rest and re coup :-)
      First time here.

    3. Please don't ever feel you need to respond to any of my comments, Dee. I rarely go back and see them anyway, and you have enough on your very full plate as it is. I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Sending your peace back to you, since it only seems to expand with blessings. :-)

    4. Ooh gee..hope your headache goes away soon!!! and, remember...this is your blog and you don't owe us anything!!!

    5. You have compassion in spades, but the headache needs rest/sleep maybe even a massage :0.

    6. Don't ever worry about us--we'll wait!!

    7. One pretty kitty indeed and hope the headaches goes kaput soon.

    8. Be gentle with yourself. I hope you are feeling much better already.

    9. Hopefully, the headache will be one tomorrow. Take care of yourself, Dee.

    10. Bless your heart... Hope you feel better soon.

      Your kitty is pretty... Bet you enjoy living with your three kitties...

      Take care, Dee.

    11. My head throbs in concert, Dee. With me it is a high-pressure front moving in.

    12. I am so sorry. Take as much time as you need - we will be happy to see you when you feel well enough to return.

    13. Replies
      1. Dear Fida Islaih, I still haven't figured out how to use your blog. I'll keep working on it. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Peace.

    14. First off, sorry to hear about your head, Dee, and hoping you are having a good rest.
      Then, how rewarding it has been to catch up and read your stories of Paulline and Evelyn and their acts of kindness toward you. It is amazing, isn't it, how these angels appear just when we need them the most. The gentleness, compassion, and caring of these two women is touching. Rest well.

    15. Matthew is so handsome!
      Just lie low and take it easy. Write when you feel better.

    16. I am so sorry and hope by now it is gone. I use to have 4 day migraines and know how debilitating a killer headache can be.
      Find the place you are most comfortable and be well soon. We aren't going anywhere.

    17. Hello All, thank you for your concern about my headaches. I seem to spend a lot of time moaning and groaning over them. I'd like to emulate Rita who lives with a great deal of pain much of the time and remains so cheerful. Perhaps I'll be that way in my next life!

      The barometer has settled down and I'm feeling really well. I'm so lucky that I have medicine that helps with Meniere's headaches. It's Friday afternoon as I write this and the sun is shining and I'm ready to do my last posting tomorrow for the random-acts-of-kindness blog fest. Thank you for coming to my blog and reading what I've been sharing with you. Peace.

    18. Hugs, my friend. And I love the piece you have written in your right side bar about "being published is simply the creamy frosting on the carrot cake. " That is such a delightful phrase! :-) Debra