Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Finally, the Tattoo!



From your comments, I’ve concluded that my past three postings have whetted your interest in the Arthur/Dee tattoo. 


In the first posting, you met Arthur,  my lion friend, who’s been with me since September 1941—kindergarten. 


In the second, you met Ruby, the enterprising child of the dandelion patch.


In the third, you met her as a young adult who’d set herself the goal of becoming a master tattoo artist.


Now! Voilà! The three meet in the Tattoo Parlor along with Ruby’s mother and my “grand-daughter”—Elisa. 


I’ve never done a blog that featured several photographs. Today, however, I’m letting the pictures tell the story. You may ask, “Was it painful?” No.


“Did I ask Ruby a lot of questions?” No


“How long did it take?”  About a half hour and during that time, Elisa stood next to the tattoo chair. She kept telling the clients and the three other tattoo artists—Ruby’s mentors—what an amazing person I am. I just let her say whatever as I knew I’d never be meeting any of them again and so it didn’t matter if they held preposterous thoughts about me.


She threw in “. . . and she was a nun for a number of years!!!!!” That bit of gossip caught the interest of everyone there. So, for the remainder of the tattooing, I responded to questions from everyone. None of them had ever known a nun before, much less one who’d left the convent. They seemed amazed that I had a sense of humor and that I was—well, frankly—a human being!


All in all, a rollicking and somewhat whimsical experience for me. 


And while Elisa encouraged questions and “egged” everyone on and I responded, probably with some exaggeration, Ruby just worked her magic. 







  1. Ruby is just precious, and your tattoo is perfect! I know you are enjoying it and all it stands for, along with the memories of the day you got it. Dee, you are truly amazing!

  2. I love that Arthur is permanently a part of you - as he was from when you were first given him all those years ago. This is a delightful post Dee. Thank you. And you ARE amazing.

  3. She did an amazing job with your Arthur tattoo. I'm happy for you that you got it and it was a memorable experience.

  4. What a wonderful experience! And you shared it so well. I especially like the third from the last photo, not just of the tattoo but of you, too. Thank you for sharing this with me!!!

  5. What a great experience, I would love another tattoo

  6. That's a very good reproduction of Arthur -- always with you now.

  7. Arthur is a fine fellow, and now lives on your arm as well as in your heart. Elisa and Ruby as point and counterpoint made for a lovely afternoon. Job well done, all.

  8. I am delighted that Arthur is now with you wherever you go. Ruby nailed the image and I love how you entertained the other artists and clients. Bet they are still talking about that neat lady they met and her cool tattoo.

  9. Good for you! I got my first tattoo when I was 70, and the second-and-final one at 72.

  10. Love the pictures, Dee... and the tattoo. I do have a question (just curious), when you decided you wanted the tattoo, how did you decide where you wanted it?

  11. Ruby did a great job. I love the pictures, #6 of 14 is my favorite. It's so wonderful to see you all together and having such a great time.

  12. I really like your tattoo, Dee! It's fun to see the photos of the event, as it were!

  13. Oh dear Dee can't thank you enough for these lovely delightful photos :)))
    I smiled and chuckled with each image of yours. Hubby had to get up and came over to see what made me as happy.
    Loved seeing you and Ruby and the tattoo is Fantastically done for sure.!
    Close up of tattoo is remarkable too. Keep smiling my amazing wonderful friend!
    Hugs and blessings