Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Health Concerns

Hello All,
Seems I’m missing all the fun of visiting your blogs and posting on my own. For two weeks I ignored what I was sure was a urinary tract infection. Finally last Thursday it was diagnosed and I started the prescription.
            On Friday a series of symptoms began that had me, I felt at one time, down for the count. New lab results came in on Tuesday and there are some complications. Not worrisome. Just a fact.
            So I’ve started a new medication. The infection was simply so virulent that it went beyond the urinary tract and affected much of the rest of my body.
            If I heard the assurances of the doctor correctly, by the new year I’ll be “fine and dandy, like sugar candy” as my dad used to say. I do hope that soon I’ll be able to get some real sleep and eat more than applesauce.
            Days have passed. I missed Christmas and I spent an entire day mired in self-pity. But now I seem to have the whole thing in perspective. It’s just a bump on the road to 2012—a year I’m looking forward to.
            So see you in the new year.
            Take care.

PS: If any of you know a home remedy for healing rawness on the roof of the mouth and around the gums, please do let me know. 


  1. Dear Dee,
    I am so sorry to hear that you were sick. I know how worrisome an illness can be when it keeps sticking around and you don't feel like you are getting better. So glad you are on the mend now.

    Does the doctor know about the problem with your mouth? He should be informed before you try any homemade remedy.

    Take care of yourself Dee, and I hope that 2012 will be very good to you.

  2. Oh, Dee, I'm so sorry you've been sick! I'm glad your new medication seems to be doing the trick. I don't, off the top of my head, know any remedies for mouth rawness. I've done salt water and plain water rinses for various tooth extractions and horrid dental procedures, but I'm not sure that would be the best thing in your situation. Just wanted to send my best wishes for a quick and complete recovery to start the New Year!

  3. I'm so glad you went to the doctor woman! I was worried about you. Hope you feel better soon. As you always say to me
    Be good to yourself. Big hugs! Love ya

  4. Dee,
    I'm praying for you!
    I so wish that I knew of something to help.

  5. I'd make sure the doctor knows about the mouth soreness. could be a side effect of the medication even. The only thing I know for mouth sores is the salt water rinses that Dr. Kathy mentioned.

    I'm glad you went in to the doctor and are getting treatment. I hope you are big old sugar candy by the New Year. Spoil yourself and get well soon. 2012 will be much better!! :)

  6. Very poor planning--being sick at Christmas! Even though I'm a Jewish mother, I'm not permitted to diagnose or write prescriptions for anyone outside my family.

    Next time DO NOT wait 2 weeks before seeing the doctor! I hope that this problem clears up soon & that 2012 is wonderful!

  7. You poor thing :( If it helps any, know we are ALL thinking of you and sending healing vibes through the ether. Please get better soon!

  8. PS--A true Jewish mother/doctor story, to make you smile.

    My mother called my sister in law at her home. Her maid, Pressie, answered & told my mom Jackie couldn't come to the phone because she was sick & taking a nap. My mother asked what was wrong with her & Pressie told her. My mom proceeded to tell Pressie what to give Jackie & how to take care of her. When Jackie woke up, Pressie told her about the call & ended with, "I didn't know Miss Fran's mother was a doctor." My sister in law stopped laughing, she told her that she WASN'T a doctor-- just an ordinary Jewish mother!

  9. Last comment today (I promise)--The last sentence was supposed to read "When my sister in law stopped laughing...."

  10. Hard palate is usually a fast healer, but maybe some Benzocaine for the pain?

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your illness, Dee. I have had to put down my Dulcy story myself because of the theft of my purse that I experienced Christmas Eve. It's been a jam packed and stressful time for me, which means I'll probably get sick right after everything settles down. :-)

    I wonder if you got some full strength aloe vera gel and gargled with it, would that help? I have found it to be extremely comforting to painful sores.

  12. Hi Dee, I read this post yesterday, but realized I was interrupted by something and didn't leave a comment! I'm so sorry that you've been under the weather I agree with several who commented that you should discuss your mouth soreness with the doctor, just in case it is a reaction or allergy to something.

    Take the time to allow yourself to heal. We'll all be here when you are fit as a fiddle and ready to get back to the blogging world!

    hugs to you!

  13. My gosh, Dee, I am sorry to hear you've been so ill. I'm just starting to "catch up" after the holiday and was surprised to see your title then post. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, with medication and doctor's advice. Have you been taking an excess of vitamin C? That can sometimes cause mouth sores, but, so can other things, so, as others have said, check with the doc.

    You might try some honey. Hold a bit in your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing. My grandmother would do give us this for canker sores and it always worked. (aren't you sorry now that you asked).

    Here's to healthier days in 2012.

  14. I hope you are on the mend! Happy New Year, dear friend!

    Hey! That rhymed.

  15. Oh Dee, I'm so sorry to hear about this!
    I pray you get better super fast and wish you the best of New Years EVER

  16. Happy New Year, Dee! I hope you're feeling better soon. As I read your previous posts, I was excited to see you're going to pursue your own writing in the year to come. That's such wonderful news. I've missed reading your words, and look forward to reconnecting in the new year.

  17. Happy New Year! I'm so sorry to hear you have not been well. I hope you are a lot better by now and have been able to get a lot of rest. I, too, have been under the weather this Christmas and with the doctor's offices closed over the long Christmas holiday period had to wait several days before I could see one -- but all is now much better now and I hope the same is true for you.

  18. Dee, I hope you are on the mend. May this episode be your ONLY illness for 2012! It sounds like maybe your heavy push to meet deadlines with your editing project may have caused you to disconnect from taking care of yourself...boy do we all do that! So I send my blessings for a happy and very healthy New Year. I'm looking forward to what you have to share with us in 2012! Blessings, Debra

  19. I'm sorry you're still struggling to recover from your illness. I do hope you feel better soon.

    It may be too late now, but I would recommend slippery elm for mouth rawness. It tastes awful and feels really odd, but they do make lozenges as well and it coats your mouth and throat with amazing effectiveness.

    Take care!

  20. So sorry you've been ill< Dee and I very much hope you are starting to feel better. I can't help with the mouth soreness, but hopefully by now your doctor has done so. get well soon and a very happy New year despite all this.