Monday, October 22, 2018

Artist Dates and a Blog Hiatus

Today, I need to share two things with you: my artist dates and a blog hiatus.

In my 10-14-18 posting, I explained the concept of the Artist Date from Julia Cameron’s books. I’ve been on three now. The first was to a $ store where I purchased $25 worth of items that brought forth childhood delight. Among my purchases were four “I Draw” booklets that will help me learn how to draw dinosaurs, animals, horses, and sea life. Also, I got a book to teach me calligraphy.

In addition, I purchased several sheets of stickers. (I use these to decorate my morning pages.) Finally, I bought tissue paper in which to wrap gifts for the next year. 

That date was totally satisfying.

My second Artist Date was to Swope Park in Kansas City. The 1,805-acre park is heavily wooded. Located in its midst is a zoo that I hadn’t visited since graduating from grade school in 1950. The changes there represent the enlightened view of animals and their needs that many of us have come to in the intervening years.

I went to the zoo with three friends and enjoyed myself immensely. We rode on the African Sky Safari—some 35 feet in the air! Then we took a tram ride to see elephants and a train ride to view kangaroos. I was happily tired by the end of our three-our visit. Here’s a photo of a friend and me—monopolizing the camera’s view! —in front of the polar bear area.

My third Artist Date took place here in my own home. From the public library, I got a DVD of a Gene Autry movie. All through grade school, my brother and I enjoyed a cowboy matinee movie each Saturday. Our favorites were Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, the Cisco Kid, and the Lone Ranger. My all-time favorite was Gene!

So I got the DVD and settled down in my recliner, munching my way through the movie with a veggie burger, mayo, onion, and pickle sandwich; a bowl of Progresso lentil soup, a Mound bar, an Almond Joy, and a bowl of strawberry ice cream. Two cups of hot Earl Grey tea accompanied my repast! Gene and I fought the “bad ‘uns” and won the day! And I spent some nostalgic time reminiscing about seeing those cowboy films with my brother all those years ago.

So those are my Artist Dates thus far.

Secondly today, I want to let you know that I won’t be posting again until Sunday, November 18. Nor will I be reading your blogs. Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I have compromised vision due to my glaucoma. The pressure of 59 in my right eye and 56 in the left back on December 9, 2015, severely damaged my optic nerves. (Normally, one’s pressure is around 15.)

I must do everything I can to protect those nerves from becoming even more defective and ultimately being so diseased that I become blind. One of the things that affects the optic nerves is dry eyes. I put in eye lubricates between 7-10x a day to help with that. (I use glaucoma drops 3x a day.) But things just keep progressing.

So between now and November 14, when I see the glaucoma specialist again, I am having to limit my time reading large-print and e-books, watching TV, and using the computer. These all demand focusing on one spot. These limitations mean that I’ll mostly be listening to audio books and that the brief time I spend at the computer will be an attempt to complete a novel I want to publish next year.

The November appointment is an important one as it will determine if these restrictions need to continue. I’ll let you know what happens. I know all of you will say a prayer or send a healing thought my way when you finish reading this. I thank you for that from the deep center of myself where Oneness dwells. I won’t be responding to any comments this time, but please know how dear you all are to me. Thank you for your friendship.



  1. Your artist days sound delightful. We all need to take more time to enjoy things like that.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your eye issues. Hope the specialist can get you some hope for improvement or at least not more decline.

  2. I love you, Dee--please be well!!

  3. Sending loving thoughts your way. :-)

  4. I am sending so many healing thoughts and wishes your way.

  5. Oh, Dee. Please take care of yourself. I am losing my sight and know how important it is to look after your eyes.

    1. Dear Birdie, I am so sorry, so very sorry, that you are losing your sight. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you and Arleen (see her comment below) and I, with help from medicine, eye drops, operations, and doctors, retain our vision so that it doesn't diminish any more than it has for the three of us. Peace.

  6. Loved your artist days. I was a Roy Rogers fan and even ran away from home in hopes of walking to California from Key West in hopes of being adopted by him. I got 5 blocks from home before my Dad found me.
    Do take care of those eyes and we will wait to hear from you. Sending prayers and hugs.

  7. Have fun drawing, dear Dee. I have trouble with my eyes also and I hope that your doctor will have something to stop the glaucoma from progressing. I have been taking PreserVision, Areds 2 for awhile and along with eye drops I seem to be better.

    1. Dear Arleen, so sorry to learn that you, too, have vision problems. I also take PreserVision Areds 2. I'm glad that the combination of that with the eye drops is helping you. I'll keep you in my prayers. Peace.

  8. Oooh, the zoo! Calligraphy is a wonderful pursuit.

    Thinking of you and your eyes. Be well and until mid-Novemeber! x B

  9. I loved Mr Aurtery too. That what his sidekick call him. Of course his all time hit Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer was a hit as well...:)

  10. I am so sorry about your eye sight problem ,either i am cooping with it and this is main reason that i can not be much on my computer

    i am so glad that you enjoyed some very interesting reads my friend!

    this is so precious image of you and your friend:) thank you for sharing it!

    life sometimes slow us down and try to relive our past ,great way you choose to re watch those movies that you been watching with your brother dear Dee!

    stay strong and happy !

    we love you too
    thinking of you with pray full heart!!!