Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Poem for the Day

Hello All,
Daily life has caught up with me and I need to take today off from posting.
I’ll be back for my usual Saturday post. In it, I’ll share my involvement in the protest against the war in Vietnam back in 1969, ’70, and ’71 and my continuing quiet rather passive involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. That may end up to be two postings. Not sure right now.
            Today I’d like to leave you with a brief poem by Daniel Berrigan. The first paragraph of his biography from Wikipedia states that “Daniel Berrigan, SJ (born May 9, 1921) is an American Catholic priest, peace activist, and poet. Daniel and his brother Philip were for a time on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for their involvement in antiwar protests during the Vietnam war.”
            My parents gave me his first book, Time Without Number, when I was in the novitiate back in 1958. Here is a poem from its pages.

                                    is not something other:
a ridiculous pablum for the poet’s mind
until the wind sing it, or star bring it
ringing its name through the astonished night:

or on a March day, the selfsame crocus struggle
wildly into air, because its roots, through all winter’s leveling,
remembered their own name.
                                    Or the maple that shook its glory down
Puzzle strollers with its identical
And lovely form, four months later assumed again
Gradually as a morning.
                                    Such things somersault the mind
Backward, inward:
                                    I wonder who knew the stars
From flowers, before flowers were not stars:
Before trees spread between one and other, a growth
By night starlike, by day a flowering, and yet itself.

So, I’ll see you Saturday.
Peace as ever and always to all of you this day.

Photo by dan on freedigitalphotos.


  1. Take all the time you need, Dee. I find myself in the selfsame situation. Simply not enough hours in a day to complete and tend to all that is required. Big hug xoxo

  2. "Before flowers were not stars......" LOVELY!

    See you Saturday.

  3. You are bringing back so much of my young life with your posts about that era. I'm looking forward to them every day.

  4. We'll be here. Take your time. I know I get behind and overwhelmed sometimes trying to keep up. See you later. ;)

  5. What a beautiful poem! Have a fantastic day ;)

  6. Thank you for a great poem for this day. I so enjoy the introduction to good work like this.

  7. Dear Stephanie, Desiree, Broad, Fishducky, Inger, Rita, Elisa, and Deanna,
    Thank you for commenting on this brief posting today. Your words of appreciation for the poem fill me with contentment.

    Today got away from me because early this morning I received a call from a friend whom I hadn't seen since 1957. We lost touch for many years, but about ten years ago we found one another and have since talked on the phone several times a year.

    She's in town because her brother has been hospitalized. So she came here early this morning and we visited for about two hours. On Saturday or Sunday we'll have breakfast together. How wonderful it is to meet a friend of so many years. A blessing.


  8. Thank you. I will think about the beauty of those words all day. The spray of blossom encapsulated my reading of it so well. Thank you again.

    Happy visiting (which is a use of the word, we don't employ. I like it.)

  9. Thank you so much for the poem, Dee, and enjoy the visit from your old friend. We'll be here when you're ready.

  10. What strong imagery! That with the spray of tree blossoms--like a perfect cup of tea.

  11. This was a beautiful poem Dee,

    Thanks for the visit and comment.


  12. Dear EC, Perpetua, Susan, and Yvonne,
    I'm so pleased that you enjoyed Daniel Berrigan's poem. I have three of his books and treasure them. My parents gave me all three while I was in the convent.

    Have a good evening.


  13. "I wonder who knew the stars/From flowers, before flowers were not stars"--what beautiful words, Dee! Have a nice visit. Come back when you are ready. ;o)

  14. I hope I can leave a message, I've been unable to do so on several blogs already today. Thank you for the poem, Dee, and talk to you when you get back... Hugs!

  15. Sometimes the mind needs a rest.

    I remember the Berrigan brothers very well. Brave men, both of them.

  16. I like the poem and I wish you peace.


  17. I loved the poem, and I always appreciate hearing from another blogger--"I need a little time to refresh!" It helps remind us all to respect our need for rest! See you tomorrow...if you have the "oomph" to write :-) Debra

  18. Well Dee, I completely understand the need for rest! I have had a difficult time lately simply carving out enough time to read and respond to the blogs I love to read, yours included! When I finally had time, I discovered that I've missed at least three of yours, so I am catching up this morning.

    Kailyn and I are both sick with coughing, sore throats, and head colds, so no church this morning. Instead, I will catch up on what you've been writing the past weeks!